A la carte boat excursion

A la carte boat excursion !


Your wish is to go off on a romantic outing just the two of you , or with your family or some friends ? To visit a particular island or islet ? make a trip to one or more islands of the Lesser Antilles for a more adventurous excursion of several days ?

Unique in Guadeloupe !

You create your trip yourself, according to your wishes, your priorities and your budget.
This formula allows for total freedom for day's outing to your needs and .... see yours dreams come true.

Our nautical fleet

We provide a whole range of craft in all sorts of categories: catamaran, single hull sail boats, outboards open or with cabin, prestigious cratfs…
Accoding to your budget and your needs, we will be happy to advise you on an appropriate choice.


Wether a single day outing or a cruise in the West Indies lasting several days, you define your itinerary and the programme.
If it be your wish, we can give you advice on the destinations according to the season and your centres of interest.…

Flexible formulas

According to your fancy, we can offer you a range of formulas for your outings at sea: hot or cold meal aboard, barbecue on the beach, restaurants ashore…

You will have the choice of sleeping aboard (according to craft) or putting up ashore (tourists loggings, hotel,...). We can also organize for you a camping on the beach formula (with the supply of tents and meals).

To add to your enjoyment, we put to the disposal of our clients an interesting variety of leisure-time equipment and paraphernalia which can be rented under certain conditions (please contact us):

Fishing gear (all types)
Diving equipment (both skin-diving and scuba-diving)

Naturally, you may consult us concerning a particular activity which you are keen to practise and wish to be included in your "à la carte" excursion.